Our Company

SHEKINA Petroleum is based in The Republic of Benin with over five (5) years of experience and is a company of competent and motivated people who are genuinely committed to the success of our clients and are passionate about offshore drilling. We must deliver outstanding safety and operational performance to sustain our clients’ confidence and trust.
Our primary Supplier/Seller derives from South Africa and Saudi Arabia. We have working relationships in Benin, to Togo, Mali, Nigeria and The Ivory Coast.



To provide high quality products, exceptional value-added services and benefits, with convenient locations and distribution options To create a work environment and culture that attracts and rewards employees that are engaged, creative, curious, and customer-focused To utilize best practices to operate safely, efficiently, and ethically To make positive contributions in the local communities where we do business. To grow and expand

  • Initiative

    To take action and accept the obligation to perform our personal best

  • Motto

    To do what is right

  • Safety

    To promote safe work practices and protect those we work with and in our community

  • Vision

  • Our Values

  • Commitment

    To be fully engaged in our responsibilities and duties; to commit to the success of the team

  • Service Excellence

    Above & beyond; under promise and over deliver; exceed customer expectations at every opportunity

  • Integrity

    To be rigorously honest and truthful and to “walk our talk”

Avenue Jean-Paul II – Immeuble Africaine des Assurances

01 BP 4825 – Cotonou, République du Bénin

Office : +229 21 30 18 48 

  Cel.  : +229 95 86 26 26

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